Satopanth Tal is a triangular pristine green lake circumscribed by Chowkhamba massif and other huge mountains. It is said that on Ekadashi, Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh meditate on three corners of the lake. Pandavas embarked on their journey to heaven from the village Mana, starting point of this trek.

Region: Uttarakhand, India
Duration: 5 Days
Difficulty level:
Best time to visit:
 May-June, September-October
Local guide: 

Our team : Avik Ghosh, Koushik Mukherjee, Papu Dhibar, Sourav Dutta
Time of Trek : June, 2018

Brief Itinerary:
Day 0 : Haridwar to Josimath (by car)
Day 1 : Josimath to Mana (by car); Mana to Vasudhara falls to Mana- 4 km + 4 km
Day 2 : Mana to Laxmivan – 9 km
Day 3 : Laxmivan to Chakratirtha – 11 km
Day 4 : Chakratirtha to Satopanth Tal to Chakratirth– 5 km + 5 km
Chakratirtha to Bandhar – 9 km
Day 5 : Bandhar to Mana – 11 km; Visit to Badrinath Temple
Day 6 : Mana to Josimath (by car); Josimath to Haridwar (by car)