The trek starts from Kafnu village in the Kinnaur valley of Himachal Pradesh, with the Bhaba river meandering alongside. As one descends from the Pin Bhaba Pass towards the Spiti valley, one encounters a sudden changeover to a cold desert-like barren setting. The trek ends at Mud village.

Region: Himachal Pradesh, India
Duration: 5 Days
Difficulty level:
 Moderate to Difficult
Best time to visit:
 June to September
Local guide: Sadish Negi (Contact: +91 8219693594)

Our team : Anirban Ganguly, Avik Ghosh, Nilanjan Majumder, Papu Dhibar, Rajeev Gain, Saptarshi Chatterjee
Time of Trek : July, 2019

Brief Itinerary:
Day 0 : Shimla to Kafnu (7878 ft)
Day 1 : Kafnu to Mulling (10637 ft) – 11 km
Day 2 : Mulling to Karah (11650 ft) – 6 km
Day 3: Karah to Phutsirang (13500 ft)- 5 km
Day 4: Phutsirang to Baldar (12800 ft) via Pin Bhaba Pass (16105 ft)- 14 km
Day 5: Baldar to Mud (12280 ft)– 13 km
Day 6 : Mud to Kaza to Manali.