Phokteydara means a mountain standing alone, amongst others. This mountain top, at an altitude of 12245 ft is famous for its breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset on the Kanchenjunga cluster and the Everest family of peaks. The mountain is embedded with undisturbed patches of forests, encompassing Magnolias, chestnut, silver fir and other flora.

Region: Sikkim
Duration: 3-4 Days
Difficulty level: Easy
Best time to visit: Any time of the year apart from monsoon
Local guide: Lalong Subba (Contact: +91 9734909884)

Our team: Avik Ghosh, Nilanjan Majumder, Soumyo Chatterjee, Arnab Palui, Bitanu Nath
Time of Trek: April, 2021

Brief Itinerary:
Day 0 : Siliguri to Okhrey (7200 ft) – 141 km
Day 1 : Okhrey to Hilley (6800 ft) – 25 km (By Car)
           Hilley to Achaley (10000 ft) – 15 km
Day 2 : Achaley to Kalijhora (11800 ft) – 7 km
Day 3 : Kalijhora to Phoktey Dara (12000 ft) to Kalijhora – 2 km
           Kalijhora to Chewabhanjyang to Uttarey – 14 km
Day 4 : Uttarey to Siliguri – 157 km