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The forest trail leading to Chintaphu is a pure bliss for those who want to experience seclusion amidst nature. The amazing views of the Todke waterfall near Maimajuwa and the lake Taal Pokhri below Chintaphu top are treat to the eyes. The trek offers a great opportunity to spend some of the memorable moments with the locals of eastern part of Nepal Himalaya.

Region : Nepal, Darjeeling
Duration: 4 Days
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Best time to visit: Any time of the year (Better to avoid monsoon)
Local guide: Nima Nima (Contact: +91 9609986187)

Our team: Avik Ghosh, Arnab Mitra, Sanchita Pal, Rumela Bhowmick, Saptarshi Biswas, Jagaran Sharma, Ramit Sadhukhan, Aditya Bhattacharya
Time of Trek: December, 2021

Brief Itinerary:
Day 0 : Siliguri to Deorali (6800 ft) – 138 km
Day 1 : Deorali  to Maimajuwa (6595 ft) – 11 km
Day 2 : Maimajuwa to Guruwaley Bhanjyang (8950 ft) – 10 km
Day 3 : Guruwaley bhanjang to Chintaphu Top (10900 ft) to Guruwaley Bhanjyang – 6 km
Guruwaley Bhanjyang to Aal – 14 km
Day 4 : Aal to Sandakphu (11950 ft) to Maney Bhanjyang (6325 ft)- 32 km
Day 5 : Maney Bhanjyang to NJP – 86 km